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Dawn's Story

Dawn's Story

Dawn’s Story – from Elite Swimmer to Everyday Back Pain to Half Marathon Runner

Around 18 months ago I started working with Dawn. She told me how she was a GB athlete and has to give it up due to stress fractures within her spine. She was suffering from daily lower back pain for 15 or so years and had found no relief from her GP, Physio, Consultant or anyone within the GB team at the time.

She was basically left to live with the pain which stopped her enjoying going out with friends, family and basically doing anything socially due to the amount of pain she was in.

Dawn is a great example of how our treatment no only leaves our clients pain free but how it can change your overall mood and social life. After her initial Introduction appointment with myself Dawn committed to our treatment and approach, which is a major part in our process.

We asked Dawn a few questions about her entire experience and how she is doing now 19 months after coming to see me. You can see below how she got on…

What was your pain before coming to Pain Relief Glasgow?
I had severe lower back pain that I had suffered from for nearly 15 years. Various treatments had failed to help and I had no real explanation for the pain

How was it affecting your life and social life?
I wasn’t able to stand or walk for more than 20 minutes without needing to lean or sit. My back was consistently sore at the end of each day. I rarely met up with friends after work or planned full days out because I knew I’d be too sore (and the pain made me tired and a bit moody!)

What was it preventing you from doing?
It prevented me from walking any distance, from exercise with any sort of impact. I really felt like an old lady not someone in her 20s.

What treatments had you tried before Pain Relief Glasgow?
I tried a multitude of painkillers, physio, acupuncture, steroid injections into my sacroiliac joints, Pilates, homeopathy, KT tape. Anything I could think of.

Why did you choose us?
The explanation of fascia and the treatments offered at pain relief Glasgow is something I had never heard of before, something new to try.

What was your first thoughts/expectations when you booked your appointment with us?
I was hoping to find something to reduce my pain levels

How were you after your first few visits?
After my first few visits there was a huge difference in my lower back. James had explained the ins and outs of the treatment, including a description of my symptoms which gave me hope that it might work. After a few weeks of regular treatment there was a noticeable reduction in my pain levels, which were by then practically non-existent. I started walking more and when the pain didn’t return I increased this to jogging. Now I only need a maintenance session every few months to help keep me pain free.

How has your life changed since coming to Pain Relief Glasgow?
I can be out and about on my feet all day and no need to worry about scheduling rests and finding somewhere to sit. Emotionally I can’t explain how fantastic it feels to not be held back anymore.

Did we meet your initial expectations?
That and more! Not only am I pain free but I have an explanation for why I had problems for so long.

What are you doing now that you could not do before?
I now walk to and from work (45mins each way) and am training for a half marathon.

If you could speak to someone sceptical about coming to see us what would you say?
I’d say keep an open mind. Be patient. Trust the advice James gives you. It’s worth it!


I hope you can see the difference in Dawns life and overall mood from beginning till now! This could be you all you need to do is input your email below and complete our online form.

Thanks, James.

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