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Honesty is the ONLY policy!

Honesty is the ONLY policy!

Honesty and dealing with Long Term or Chronic Pain Relief!

Not all chronic or long term issues can be resolved 100%. We ALWAYS set out to 'cure' your chronic pain. However, that is not always possible. What is 100% possible though is our ability to assess your situation quickly and give you an honest take on it. What we do in these situations is to help clients manage their pain and prevent flare-ups from happening.

Melanie recently came to us with chronic shoulder and back pain which was related to her job. From day one we were open and honest and set out a realistic plan to help her manage the pain and, ultimately, enable her to get back to work and go about her daily life as 'normal'.

We set out to relieve all of our clients of their chronic pain but, in reality, that is not alwasy achievable. So as we said earlier, we are honest about the situation ... but alongside that we are realistic and continuosly change our/your goals. Ultimately we find a way to work towards ways for our clients to manage their pain and take said pain from an eight out of ten in a downwards trajectory to a ... two or three out of ten for example

What is important for all involved is that these measures allow you, the client, to get your daily life back to as normal as possible. Pain should not hold you back from living the fullest possible existence. We'd love to 'guarantee' that complete fix - and very often deliver - however it's important to be realistic and put a maintenance plan in place that allows you to ensure that we are always moving forward.

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