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Five reasons why we're the place for you

Five reasons why we're the place for you

5 reasons why we’re the place for you if you’re fed up with pain and don’t know where to go next.

Most therapists across Glasgow will do their best with the knowledge they have and you can only respect that. However, what you don’t know is how different treating a long-term issue such as back pain or Fibromyalgia is, in comparison to a sprained ankle, 2-week-old back pain or a sports injury.

This is one of the fundamental reasons why I started Pain Relief Glasgow 3 years ago, so I could help people who have been thrown from pillar to post, therapist to therapist, doctor to consultant and constantly told “there’s nothing we can do” or “that’s the best it’s going to be”.

We know how to treat chronic and long term pain

In order to learn how to effectively treat chronic and long term issues ranging from months to 30-40 years, I had to go on an intense training course after university. This is because at University chronic issues and how to treat them is not really taught, or at least taught very well.

You can’t treat 10 years of back pain with a rubber band and a sheet of exercises, or Fibromyalgia by tackling life’s tasks twice as slow. No one has 1 hour to make a bed or to fill the washing machine!

Anyway… After the training course, I had a deeper and more modern understanding of the body and why we are in chronic pain that is getting worse with each day, month, year. I’ve adapted some techniques, combined others and changed the frequency and duration of appointments in comparison to your standard therapist. Basically, we have our own system that works!

We don’t give you bands and exercises away for you to do the work at home, we do that work at the clinic (after all, that’s what you’re paying us for). We don’t look at you and tell you to do different movements, we use our hands, to get you feeling great and moving better. You’ve been in pain for years and years so something has to change within your body to take away the pain and stiffness, it’s past the point of sorting itself out with movements and stretching alone.

You’re not just a number or pound sign to us

Unlike some clinics I’ve had previous experience going to, my diary is never full. You’re probably thinking “is that not a bad thing?” but I purposefully leave a few appointments spare each week to allow us to fit you in last minute. If you hit a brick wall, wake up feeling rotten, or just need to see us for any reason we’ll be available at some point within a few days.

You can always contact me via text, email or Facebook and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I’ve even been known to text or message clients back when I’m out at the weekend, so if that’s ever you in the future do not do the movement or stretches I tell you on a Saturday night (the cartwheel won’t help your pain).

Joking aside, when you are my client, you’re my client every day even when you’re not in the clinic. There’s nothing worse than not knowing what to do or being in pain and you get a hold of someone who can help you.

We’re not bothered about what label you have

If you’re sitting there and have been told you have X, Y and Z by your Doctor, Consultant or Physio, it doesn’t affect what we do that much unless you have been told specifically not to have any hands-on treatment. We view pain as pain, it doesn’t matter what label someone has given it.

Obviously, there are some exceptions where I cannot treat someone for example. Osteoporosis, certain cancers, etc. But even in those cases if your GP or Consultant gives you a letter saying you can have treatment I’ll be happy to help you the best we can.

There’s nothing I hate more than clients and people telling me that others have said they can’t help them without even looking or trying just because they have a bulging disk or nerve damage. I will at very least speak to you, tell you how I can help and then try something to make you feel better. As I said pain is pain, there is always something that can be done whether it’s hands on or hands off.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients who were told “there’s nothing that can be done”

Over the past 3 years I have helped hundreds of clients who came to me with zero expectation because they were told there was nothing that could be done, and we proved them wrong!

As I said above we can always do something, whether that be getting you moving better, pain free, 50% pain free, running again, playing with your kids again, whatever it may be.

Yes, there are exceptions but these are few and far between. I always advise people to come in for at least 1 session and see, take an hour out of your time and see if our treatment is for you. It could be the best decision you make this week, month or year.

Your treatment is tailored to you and your goals

Although our treatment system follows certain patterns in the early stages to get you pain free, each movement and types of manual therapy techniques used differ to suit each client’s body type, level of pain, goals, lifestyle and job.

We don’t have a generic sheet of do’s and don’ts for each injury/pain like the majority of treatments do and each treatment session is planned depending on how you are feeling and how you have been that week.

This is another aspect of our treatment that makes us different and leads to results for each client.

To round it off

We specialise in chronic and long-term pain and have the manual therapy and movement system to treat it effectively. We are in no way saying we are the only ones however, when standard physio and chiro treatment doesn’t work you need something different, and that’s when we come in.

If you’re swaying about coming in why not get in touch and send us a private Facebook message or you can book your first session online and start as soon as this week.

FYI. We have an amazing new client package on offer just now and this is the way to go if you’re ready to dive in.


Hope to see or hear from you soon, Thanks.


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