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5 Expert Tips For Lower Back Pain Relief

5 Expert Tips For Lower Back Pain Relief

5 Expert Tips For Lower Back Pain Relief

Nowadays when you type ‘lower back pain’ into google you get hit with hundreds if not thousands or exercises and tips on how you can treat your own lower back pain.
The truth is 97% of the population with lower back pain will only ever be able to manage their pain or briefly mask it with medication or some form of stretch.

Below we have written about 5 ways in which you can try and alleviate your lower back pain by not only directly affecting your lower back through stretching etc. But through changes in your daily life which plays a hidden role in your pain.

One – Go for a deep sleep and recover.

Pain is the number one medical condition which causes sleep insomnia. Around three quarters of people who suffer back pain have problems sleeping, however, in turn a lack of sleep paradoxically increases the bodies sensitivity to pain. This is why back pain is poorly treated within the UK, as only one of the two problems is treated. Both back pain and the sleep disorder need treating in order for effective results.

There are treatments available if sleep disorder is affecting you:

  • Caffeine Reduction (no caffeine after midday).
  • Exercise Daily.
  • Talk Therapy.
  • Relaxation/Meditation Techniques.
  • Balanced Healthy Diet.
  • Writing Down Worries or Problems.
  • As a Last Resort, Medication.

For the best results adopting a number of these treatments is recommended.

Two – Stretch Your Hamstrings Regularly.

This is one of the most effective exercises you can do in order to alleviate the pain within your lower back.

Tight hamstrings are one of the most common factors in lower back pain. Having tight hamstrings can place excess stress and ‘pull’ on the lower back, causing stiffness or lack of movement especially first thing in the morning.

It is recommended that you stretch your hamstrings twice a day for optimal results.


Three – Exercise your Core.

Your core plays a huge role in the balance and stability of your whole body, especially in the support of your back. With today’s population constantly sitting down on phones, iPad’s or watching TV these muscles do not work as much causing them to become weaker. This in turn then places excess stress on your lower back.

Simply introducing 10 minutes of core exercise into your daily routine will reduce your back pain as your core muscles with then support your back reducing stress and strain.

Alongside helping with Back pain exercise can also:

  • Reduce Stress.
  • Improve Sleep.
  • Boost Self Esteem.
  • Improve Bone and Muscle Strength.
  • Reduce Body Fat Levels.
  • Increase Daily Energy Levels.


Four – Apply Ice.

Applying ice or a cold pack to your lower back will reduce any swelling, heat and inflammation into the area. If carried out for 15 minutes, every 3 to 4 hours per day it can massively reduce treatment/rehabilitation time. The aim is to prevent and further swelling, irritation and heat coming to the area so that it can settle and become less sensitive.

There is much debate on whether to use Cold or Heat on Back pain, at the end of the day it is down to an individual’s preference and what works best for you. We recommend Ice (cold) for the reasons above as adding heat to an already irritated/hot area does not make sense to us.

Five – Use Your Hormones.

Your hormones (endorphins) when released have an analgesic and sedative effect on your body just like medication. The picture above shows how activity can stimulate these hormones and in doing so can block pain signals to the brain. These hormones are also associated with decreasing levels of stress anxiety and depression which have strong connections with chronic pain as earlier discussed.

Here is a list of activities you can do to release your feel good hormones:

  • Listen to Music.
  • Deep Breathing.
  • Enjoying Other Peoples Company.
  • Eat Dark Chocolate.
  • Massage Therapy.


In the End…

Chronic pain, especially Back pain can be massively debilitating and all of the above tips and exercises will help you manage and deal with the pain. But in the end, the root cause of the problem whether it be poor posture, poor movement or referred pain. Is still there.

That is why you should give us a visit and get the root cause addressed once and for all. By all means give the above exercises a go, but doing them alongside our unique treatment will give you the most effective results. So to fully be pain free and living your life as you want get yourself booked in here.

Get in touch with one of our Chronic Pain Relief Experts today.


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