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Our Story

Leaving you free of chronic pain when others can’t

Hi, I’m James and I started Pain Relief Glasgow in 2014 to bring my clients the latest treatments for chronic pain and sports injuries.

I have a BSC Hons in Sports Therapy from Teeside university, and I’ve completed courses in the treatment of advanced soft tissue, chronic pain and movement.

For years, I’ve been hearing the same complaints from clients who have been told by medical professionals:

‘No one can do anything for you.’

‘You’ll have to live with pain.’

‘There’s nothing we can find causing your pain.’

I found this unacceptable, so I began to research alternative methods.

Unique approach

I am the only practitioner I know of who treats clients in this way and my success rate is extremely high due to my quite specific, 100% hands-on approach. The treatment was pioneered in the USA and is used there by some of the country’s best private consultants. The reason it is not available within the NHS is simply due to money and time: it is a completely different approach to dealing with pain than you get from a standard physiotherapist, chiropractor and most GPs.

I aim to continue helping clients from the general public to elite athletes become or remain pain free. And to help them maintain their bodies in the best possible condition.

For me, there is nothing better or more satisfying, than seeing a client leave the clinic pain free – perhaps for the first time in years.

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